Child Monitoring System

Enhanced safety measures with posture estimation and behavior analysis

VisionPose can also estimate the posture and analyze the behavior of small children and infants. Without attaching any sensors or machines to their bodies, you can use just a camera to detect dangerous behaviors in children.

For example, in nursery settings, caregivers conduct patrols during children’s nap time to prevent sudden infant death syndrome caused by sleeping face down. By utilizing VisionPose, preventive measures can be taken, reducing the workload and psychological burden on caregivers. Furthermore, VisionPose can be utilized not only in nurseries and kindergartens but also in homes and kids’ spaces to enhance safety measures.

In recent years, issues such as the increase in nuclear families, the rise in women’s participation in the workforce, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the burden on caregivers as a societal problem. As a result, there is growing interest and expectation for monitoring systems like this.

Introducing AI which is used in researching the behavior and posture of children

You can expect this software to be useful in delivering efficient and accurate analysis in a variety of scenes, including those concerning research of children’s posture and behavior. Since we aim to offer people, products that satisfy their needs, feel free to get in touch.

VP area anomaly detection application

This is a feature enhancing application exclusively for i-PRO AI network cameras, capable of alerting when specific parts of the body enter designated areas. It enables the detection of abnormalities in detailed body parts, which was challenging with conventional surveillance and security cameras. It can be utilized for preventing unforeseen accidents and enhancing security measures.
Application Details(Japanese)

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