Feature That Displays Only Skeletal Information Without Showing Human Body

Utilized for analyzing people and behavior in situations where
individual identification and privacy are important

VisionPose has a feature that analyzes and displays only the skeletal information of individuals captured by the camera. This feature allows for the analysis of people and their behavior without identifying individuals, making it suitable for situations where privacy is important.

Demo video showcasing only skeletal information

In normal analysis video, individuals and skeletal information are displayed together. However, by fixing the background to a still image of an empty scene, only the skeletal information can be displayed without showing the human body. The background can be freely changed, making it possible to create simple videos with only skeletal information.

Use case

Nursing and Care

Respecting privacy in personal spaces and monitoring individuals activities are crucial in caregiving and nursing. However, handling these situations can be difficult and delicate. For example, in places like toilets and bathrooms, privacy should be fully respected. However, in an accidents, delayed discovery can lead to fatal outcomes. In such cases, displaying only skeletal information allows for assessing the situation while respecting privacy, and enabling secure monitoring.

Additionally, this feature can be used to monitor wandering elderly individuals while respecting their privacy, as well as detecting and preventing unintended outings without revealing personal information such as clothing or physical condition.

Crowd Analysis

In crowd analysis, privacy-conscious data collection is ideal, but it is also important that the collected data provides sufficient information. Collecting only skeletal information on responses to outdoor advertisements can be used for official purposes, and the response to advertising can also be inferred from the movement of the skeleton. Detailed information can be collected while protecting privacy.

Furthermore, in dwell time survey, it is possible to collect data on the state of individuals. Skeletal information enables the detection of individuals attributes, like solitary or group status, and the number of individuals within the analysis area. Analyzing attributes and behavioral patterns is invaluable for dwell time surveys. Background removal can further enhance the analysis of skeletal information, making it easier to recognize.

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