We support multiple platforms and languages

In an effort to make all of our VisionPose products even more useful, we continue to develop VisionPose so that it can be used on various OS in different languages, as well as versions for the Cloud, low spec machines and smartphones.

Running VisionPose on iPhone XR

We tried running VisionPose on an iPhone XR (iOS12). If we are able to run the software, this would mean that you could use VisionPose for a variety of use cases, such as when you’re outside, when you are looking for a specific pose in pictures that you took earlier, or by letting a VTuber-esque character move around.

Using a Wide-Angle Lens

In Japanese houses, it is often difficult to give the camera enough space to capture your entire body, so we decided to use a wide-angle lens with 0.6 magnification, so that you are able to capture the whole body on camera if the distance is a mere 85 centimeters.

*Note: We specifically used a wide angle lens which had no distortion at the edges to help VisionPose with detecting the skeleton from the camera images. Detection would become difficult if the lens had distortion.

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