Company Name NEXT-SYSTEM Co.,Ltd.
Address Fukuoka Head Office
F2, 3-12-33, Ijiri, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 811-1302, Japan
Tokyo Office
F6, 2-30-3, Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0064, Japan
Date of establishment August 28, 2002
Capital 80,750,000 yen (Including capital reserve of 28,125,000 yen)
Major shareholder Fujita Yoshio (shareholding ratio: 78.8%)
Financial venture capital 3 companies
One individual shareholder (president of the former listed company)
Settlement date The end of March
CEO Fujita Yoshio
Employee 52 (as of April 2, 2018)
Technical employees are mostly from major maker development team members and programers from elementary and junior high school days, and a small number of expert technicians are gathered.
Development engineer * The following total number
AI (artificial intelligence) engineer
Convolution neural network such as object recognition, behavior analysis, behavior prediction [CNN]
R-CNN, OpenPose, DeepPose, RNN [LSTM], Variational Autoencoder [VAE]
Development of AI (artificial intelligence framework detection system) “VisionPose”
10 people
VR (virtual reality) / MR (mixed reality) engineer
【Motion sensor】
Kinect、Kinect V2、Xtion、SoftKinetic、Intel PerC、RealSense、Leap Motion
Oculus Rift、HTC Vive、IDEALENS、Telepathy Jumper、Eye Tracking、Ovrvision、MS HoloLens
Motion control (N.U.I [Natural User Interface]) Development engineer
16 people
Unity engineer 20 people
AR (augmented reality) technician 15 people
iOS (iPhone, iPad) technician 16 people
Android development engineer 20 people
Beacon, GPS, WiFi, IM space G space technician 6 people
Smartphone development engineer 30 people
WEB application development engineer 21 people
Features The president who has been developing computer basic software (data management, communication management, dialogue processing system, TCP / IP protocol machine, etc.) for many years at the development headquarters and the software development company of a major computer maker, Founded as a system development company that develops state-of-the-art technology development on a monthly basis.
We have developed business centered on system development using Linux, C, C ++, Java, PHP, C #, etc. as weapons of high technical strength and quality management ability cultivated in the development headquarters era.
Currently, research and development of advanced control systems using Kinect and other motion control systems, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), MR (mixed reality) system, and even artificial intelligence (AI: Deep Learning) We are doing.
Advisory tax accountant
General Counsel
Advisory patent attorney
Asai Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant Office
Ikeda labor office
Ming Lun International Law Firm
Ariyoshi International Patent Office
School list Kyushu University, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Nagasaki University, Oita University, Saga University, Kagoshima University, Kitakyushu Municipal University, Fukuoka University, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Kumamoto Institute of Technology (Soseong University), Osaka University, UEC, Tokyo Zokei University, Seijo University of Art, Kinki University, Hyogo University of Teacher Education, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Otsuma Women’s University, Sasebo National College of Technology, Kurume National College of Technology, Oita National College of Technology, Kyushu Designer Institute, Fukuoka Multimedia College, Osaka Game Designer Gakuin and others
Interns achievements FY 2017 results
University of Tsukuba (2), Tokyo Metropolitan University (2), The University of Electro – Communications (1), Kitakyushu City University (1)
FY 2016 results
French National Academy of Sciences (1), University of Sydney (1), University of Tsukuba (1), Tokyo Metropolitan University (1), Kitakyushu City University (1)
Social Studies Tour
Company visit
FY 2017 results
Tokyo Metropolitan Ashihaka High School
Shimane prefectural Tatoya High School
Takada Nakako High school
FY 2016 results
Kwansei Gakuin University
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Comprehensive High School
Shimane Prefectural Musashiya High School
Kyoto City Municipal High School affiliated junior high school
Accession/Other KDDI Mobile Solution Partner Company
SSP (SoftBank SolutionsProvider) certified company
New Growth Field Business Certified Company
Fukuoka prefecture small business enterprise management innovation support accredited company
Fukuoka Venture Market Association member company
Information communication venture exchange network
Fukuoka content industry base promotion meeting
Kyushu Region Embedded System Association
Member of the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce
Public interest group corporation Fukuoka Chubu association corporation

iBizQ (iPhone & iPad Business Exchange Party)
– iMarQ:
– iDevQ:

(3D recognition technology, NUI, community of those who are interested in cutting edge technology)


Fukuoka prefecture child rearing support declaration company
Fukuoka prefecture child rearing support declaration company

[Content of efforts to support child rearing]
– We will distribute documents compiling birth / childcare related provisions of the company to employees who have submitted marriage notifications and birth notifications and will endeavor to promote dissemination and acquisition of the childcare leave system.
– We will set the period during which child-rearing short-time work can be acquired “before the child enters elementary school students”.
– We accept nursing holidays up to 6 days a year for employees who have children before primary school enrollment.