Utilization in medical and nursing homes

Accumulating useful information for healthcare and rehabilitation,
and monitoring human flow and movements

VisionPose allows for skeletal detection even when lying in bed, sitting in a wheelchair, or with parts of the body obscured. This enables data collection without burdening patients and can be used for rehabilitation or health-maintenance mini-games.

Visualizing skeletal movements at the start of rehabilitation or at any subsequent point can aid in future planning and motivate users. Additionally, detecting movements and postures in various scenarios, such as during meals or rehabilitation sessions, and accumulating data, can serve as vital reference material for improving medical devices and various fields of research and development.

Analytical videos envisioning scenarios of falls in Medical and Nursing Care

By utilizing VP-Motion, which is based on VisionPose, caregivers and nurses can detect dangers in hard-to-monitor areas in real-time. This enables swift responses to falls through continuous behavioral analysis, contributing to 24/7 care.
More details about VP-Motion

Application of VisionPose in Toyota Motor Corporation’s rehabilitation assistance robot ‘WelWalk WW-2000’

Case Study Details

For rehabilitation and health care purposes, such as improving the motor functions of the elderly

“In Japan, where the aging population is increasing, promoting the health of elderly individuals is an essential theme. By using VisionPose, posture can be measured simply by standing in front of a camera without the need for any equipment, reducing the burden and stress on elderly individuals. Simplifying the measurement of exercise typically done in rehabilitation can also improve efficiency. Additionally, visualizing the progress of functional training in numerical form also motivates the patient.
*We are developing a demo app for posture measurement as a sample.

AI Motion Counter App ‘IETORE’ for Hands-free workout counting!

Just by capturing your entire body with your smartphone, IETORE is an AI motion counter app that automatically counts the number of workout repetitions. Newly added training items include dumbbell curls and dumbbell side raises, allowing for measurement of all six workouts.
Download the App for free here.

Exercise like a game! Health exercise game app

You can exercise like a game by simply capturing your entire body on the iPad camera without attaching any devices to your body. It can be used for recreation and rehabilitation exercises at nursing care facilities. Customization according to your preferences is also possible.

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