What’s the development license for?

This license is issued by our company NEXT-SYSTEM, and is required when developing products and applications using the VisionPose SDK. It will be sent to you after you have purchased the Standard or Single3D SDK.

What’s the distribution license for?

This license is issued by our company NEXT-SYSTEM, and is required when selling products and applications created with VisionPose’s SDK. The distribution license is sold separately, but only to customers who have purchased the development license before.

Is an internet connection necessary even after the initial activation?

Yes, the software will reauthenticate every time it is opened, so an internet connection remains necessary.
For the distribution license, you will only need internet for the initial activation.

How will I be informed about version updates?

Minor version upgrades are free of charge, but major version upgrades require a separate purchase. You will be notified via our website or by email when a new version is released. Note: an email notice is only sent to those who have given permission at the time of purchase to receive messages from us.

Is a Python edition in the works?

We currently have no plans to create a Python edition.
If you want to use VisionPose with Python, you can create a wrapper to call on it through Python.

Can people’s behavior be analyzed with VisionPose (e.g. detecting when someone is falling down)?

VisionPose does not allow this option, but you can use our software VP-Motion which is built on the VisionPose engine to fulfill this task.

Can I sign up for a support contract later on?

Yes, please contact us in that case.

Can I install VisionPose Standard and Single3D on the same computer?

Yes, but you will need to purchase a separate license for each.

Is it possible to get the angle of the joints?

It is not possible to get the angle of the joint directly, but only the coordinates of the joint. However, if you know the three points, it is possible to calculate the angle.

Is the output format only .csv?

Since VisionPose is a Software Development Kit (SDK), you can use the API to obtain the coordinates of each joint. It is possible to output the acquired coordinates as .csv, and then to process them into other formats, or to import the coordinates acquired by the API directly into the program. BodyAndColor and VP Analyzer, which are included in the SDK, can output the coordinates in a .csv format.

Are there any requirements for the space used or brightness of the environment when it comes to using VisionPose?

In general, there is no problem as long as the environment is visible to the human eye.
The image might not be recognized if there is no lighting at all, and the person filmed is wearing black clothes, or if the camera is exposed to direct sunlight and the image is whitened out. Essentially, if a human eye would have trouble seeing, odds are good that VisionPose will too.

Is it okay to move the camera around according to the movement of the target?

In the case of 3D analysis, the cameras cannot be moved, since it would need to be calibrated again if the cameras’ positions are changed. In case of 2D analysis, there is no problem in moving the camera, as long as the camera image is not blurred by the movement.

Can I use VisionPose with Quadro?

While we do not have any experience with Quadro internally, we have received reports of customers successfully running VisionPose in conjunction with Quadro.

For other questions or inquiries, please use this contact form.

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