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VisionPose Used in AI app to Identify Pain through Pitching Motion

We used the software to better understand the relationship between pitching motion and pitching disorders in youth baseball.

Takeo Ishii, Sports Science Laboratory

Initial Business Requirements

“What causes shoulder and elbow pain when pitching?”
Many baseball coaches and players consider this question when out on the field. We have analyzed our database of over 4,000 baseball players to find the relationship between pitching motion and pitching disorders.

Using the analyzed results, we have developed a smartphone app that visually displays which of your pitching motion causes pain.

Why We Chose VisionPose

There are many algorithms that use deep learning for pose estimation, but they often require a lot of time to have learned enough to be useful. VisionPose allowed us to analyze the data from the day we purchased it, saving us the time we would have otherwise spent waiting for the algorithm to get up to speed.

The after-sales service was excellent, and we are very grateful for the fast responses to our various requests.

Implementation Results and Future Outlook

We have collected data not only on baseball, but also on many other sports, and we have a lot of athletic ability data, as well as disability data.

By using VisionPose to analyze this data, we hope to develop an application that can present each athlete with movements that both prevent injury and improve performance in various sports.

Medical research on baseball injuries has been progressing, but unfortunately there is not enough evidence on the correlation between motion and injuries, since there has never been a solution that can capture motion easily and objectively.

VisionPose can easily acquire the joint coordinates of the whole body through video, making it possible to create a large-scale video database. It will be indispensable for future sports medicine research.

Takeo Ishii

Director of Sports Science Laboratory, orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor

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General Incorporated Association Sports Science Laboratory
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Media management to improve athletes’ abilities and prevent disabilities, holding various workshops and seminars, training of experts, cooperation with domestic and international organizations, etc.

VisionPose Utilized in an AI App to Identify Pitching Mechanics That Cause Pain
We have developed a smartphone app that captures pitching motion, evaluates it through AI analysis, and points out the motion that causes pain.
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