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VisionPose Used in Musculoskeletal Analysis

We used the pose estimation AI VisionPose for musculoskeletal analysis in our software ‘AnyBody’.

Toshihiko Kikuchi, General Manager of the Engineering Department 2 of Terrabyte Co., Ltd.

Initial Business Requirements

AnyBody is musculoskeletal modeling and biomechanics CAE software that estimates human muscle strength and muscle activity, and calculates the mechanical forces and joint torque required to achieve the movement based on motion data. The movement information needs to be provided by the user.

Recently, we have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries about motion data acquisition, i.e. motion capture methods that do not use markers or sensors. This as opposed to traditional optical or inertial motion capture systems. We have been looking for a technology to identify human motion through image-based information such as images and videos, without attaching measurement markers or sensors to the subject, and without preparing multiple expensive cameras or expensive sensors.

Information about “AnyBody” (in Japanese): https://www.terrabyte.co.jp/AnyBody/

Feature point extraction from an MP4 video (1 video)

Why We Chose VisionPose

We learned about VisionPose and its excellent estimation accuracy from several of our customers. We compared the results of the AnyBody analysis with both the feature point estimation data from VisionPose and the data from our optical motion capture system. We confirmed that, depending on the conditions, the analysis results were equivalent to those of the optical motion capture system. We have posted the results on our website, as an example of applying markerless pose estimation data.

More infos on the testing of VisionPose by Terrabyte Co., Ltd. here (in Japanese)

The body coordinates estimated by VisionPose are loaded into AnyBody for motion analysis.

Implementation Results and Future Outlook

We have realized that with VisionPose, posture can be correctly estimated from images and videos alone, and due to its uncomplicated use, we believe that the needs for its application will increase in the future.

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