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VisionPose used in a 2D/3D Video Motion Analysis System

We used VisionPose’s AI digitizing function in our 2D/3D video motion analysis system Frame-DIAS6

Masami Nagaoka, Digital Business Innovation Center Director of Q’sfix co.,Ltd.

Initial Business Requirements

Video motion analysis is motion capture that calculates spatial coordinates from a video. It has the advantage of performing motion analysis at low cost in any indoor or outdoor location, but the time and effort required for digitization, specifically coordinate detection, is an issue.

By combining AI-based pose estimation and image recognition of markers attached to the body, we improved the processing speed without compromising digitization accuracy.

Why We Choose VisionPose

Since our products aim to analyze movements in a wide range of fields such as sports biomechanics, rehabilitation, and ergonomics, AI pose estimation has always been problematic, since it tends to misrecognize body parts.

We learned that among all AI engines available on the market, VisionPose has the best recognition accuracy, and we decided to implement the software into the development of Frame-DIAS6.

Implementation Results and Future Outlook

We envision the development of new products for the purpose of analyzing specific behaviors, and the development of applications using mobile devices as a platform.

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Customer Feedback

When we were developing Frame-DIAS6, I was able to attend a demonstration at NEXT-SYSTEM’s Tokyo office. The calculated results were provided on the spot, which was very helpful. The SDK and the installation instructions were easy to understand, and we were able to smoothly proceed with the development right away.

Masami Nagaoka

Digital Business Innovation Center Director of Q’sfix co.,Ltd.

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“Frame-DIAS 6” is a motion analysis system that has been installed by more than 1,100 users in Japan.