Ready-To-Use Skeleton Detection Tool

Comes delivered with a sample application that you can use as a reference, and a tool to detect the skeleton in images and videos.

Real-time skeletal visualizer sample application ‘BodyAndColor’

BodyAndColor is a sample application that allows you to visualize the skeletal structure through differently colored lines that takes the coordinate data obtained through the images of a webcam as a base.
The camera preview and skeleton are displayed in real-time on your PC monitor.
The software comes bundled with VisionPose, so you can use BodyAndColor immediately after purchasing VisionPose.

Preview Image

Pose estimation through videos and still images with VP Analyzer

VP Analyzer is a tool that detects skeletal information through your videos and images.
This tool comes delivered with VisionPose, so you can run it through the Command Line right away upon purchasing.

VP Analyzer Usage Video

This video shows you how to use VP Analyzer so that you can obtain posture inference from a video.

This tool enables posture inference of video and still images, which is not possible with infrared skeletal recognition sensors, and is not limited by real-time performance, so it can be used for inference even when the resolution of the material you provide is high. This is recommended for “when you want more accurate data without the need for real-time posture estimation,” such as video and image data taken for research purposes.

  • Image Files: [IMPORT] .jpg / .png / .bmp — [EXPORT] .jpg / .png
  • Video Files: [IMPORT] .avi / .mp4 / .wmv / .mov — [EXPORT] .avi

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