Avex Management Inc.

VisionPose Utilized in a Dance Skill Evaluation App

Applied to the “Avex Street Dance Certification Test”,
a smartphone application that uses video analysis to evaluate dance technique scores.

Hiromu Hoshino, Management Headquarters of Avex Management Inc.

Initial Business Requirements

The “Avex Street Dance Certification Test” has been aiming at quantitative evaluation of dance skills, which could only be evaluated qualitatively in the past, by utilizing video analysis technology and data science.

To realize this, we needed a solution that could capture the unique movements of dance and detect the necessary skeleton information quickly and accurately.

Why We Choose VisionPose

The skeletal detection software that we used before implementing VisionPose had been difficult to be actively customized even though we knew the points to be improved, due to the fact that it was an OSS made overseas.

In this respect, we decided to implement VisionPose, because it could be flexibly customized and improved to handle additional skeletons to be detected and additional annotation work.

Implementation Results and Future Outlook

After implementing the system, we received a lot of technical support and were able to proceed with the development very quickly by adding skeletal detection points and handling additional annotations, etc. As the analysis accuracy improved, we were able to produce very satisfying dance skill evaluations.

The documentation and support tools are excellent, and we feel that we have been able to greatly reduce our operating costs compared to before.

Currently, we are running VisionPose in a cloud environment, but in the future, we would like to challenge ourselves to develop new services such as analyzing dance videos in real time on native applications using VisionPose Single3D.

By implementing VisionPose, we have greatly improved the accuracy of skeletal detection that supports the “Avex Street Dance Certification Test”.

We are very grateful for the careful attention to various aspects of the implementation, such as optimization to existing system requirements and customization to specialize in dance video analysis.

Hiromu Hoshino

Management Headquarters of Avex Management Inc.

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Utilizing the latest video analysis technology and data science, we have achieved quantitative scoring for dance skills. You can take the “Avex Street Dance Certification Test” with the app every month.