Application to games and entertainment fields

Utilized in entertainment fields such as VTuber and MMD production, as well as for creating movements for game characters

VisionPose can reflect body movements captured by a camera onto 3DCG characters, allowing for usage similar to motion capture. Typically, motion capture requires multiple cameras and the attachment of devices or markers to the subject. However, VisionPose does not require any special devices to be worn.

Moreover, with VisionPose Single3D from the VisionPose series, it is possible to capture full-body motion with just one camera. It detects the subject’s skeletal structure in real-time through a smartphone camera and reflects the movements onto the character. This technology can be utilized in various applications such as advertising and public relations using characters in VR or VTuber as part of a corporate strategy.

Demonstration of 3D inference with two cameras using the Standard version [Motion Capture]

We tried 3D inference using two cameras with the Standard version. The cameras are positioned at a 90-degree angle. (The footage on the right side of the screen is captured from a slightly different angle.)

Michicon-Plus’s Promotion Video

Michicon Plus is a motion capture app that allows you to capture motion in real-time by simply capturing your entire body with the iPhone or iPad camera and reflecting it onto a 3DCG character. It now supports VRoid Hub, enabling the addition of characters. With the motion data export feature, you can export acquired motion data in CSV format. A green screen is also provided! It can be used with streaming tools and more. Enjoy it for VTuber streaming and easy motion capture.
Download the App from here.

AI Motion Counter App ‘IETORE’ for Hands-free workout counting!

Just by capturing your entire body with your smartphone, IETORE is an AI motion counter app that automatically counts the number of workout repetitions. Newly added training items include dumbbell curls and dumbbell side raises, allowing for measurement of all six workouts.
Download the App from here.

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