Comparing to competitors

Accuracy comparison video between conventional depth sensors and VisionPose.

Real-time accuracy demo of three skeletal detection systems

We compared the real-time detection accuracy of three skeletal detection systems, including VisionPose.
*To accurately compare the performance, we got rid of any delay due to difference of processing power.

Accuracy comparison video between depth sensor camera and VisionPose on a sunny day

Left: Competing depth sensor camera / Right: VisionPose
This video compares the real-time accuracy of VisionPose to an existing depth sensor camera, which has always faced issues with footage taken from the outside.

Accuracy comparison video between depth sensor camera and VisionPose in real-time

Left: Competing depth sensor camera / Right: VisionPose
We compared conventional depth sensor cameras and their ability to deliver real-time posture inference with VisionPose. Conventional depth sensor cameras often have trouble with movement where limbs are crossing, or the detection of legs.

Key point comparison table

Compatible Platforms
Compatible Platforms■Standard
Windows 10(*)
Ubuntu 18.04(*)
*Able to be used in the Cloud

Windows Unity
Windows 8/10
Ubuntu 14/16
Not mentioned
Usage Costs
Usage CostsVisionPose Standard: $4,950
VisionPose Single3D: $4,950
Commercial use: $25,000 a year
Non-commercial use: Free
*Cannot be used for sports.
GNU General Public License v2.0
Delivered as
Delivered asDownLoadSource codeSource code
3D Inference
3D InferenceYesPartially*No
Key Points
Key Points3015,18,25Not mentioned
Single Camera FPS**
Single Camera FPS**Standard: ~60.0
Single3D Unity: ~60.0
Single3D iOS/iPad: ~15.0
~9.75Not mentioned
Dual Camera FPS**
Dual Camera FPS**Standard:~59.6N/AN/A
Detectable Amount of People
Detectable Amount of PeopleUp to 16 peopleNot mentionedNot mentioned
Dual Camera Placement
Dual Camera PlacementYou can put the cameras in a parallel configuration, or put them at an angle.

Parallel setup
When putting the webcams in a parallel setup, keep the following in mind.
Lenses: Roughly 60 centimeters apart
Cameras should be around 2.5 to 3 meters removed from subject.

Angled setup
Two webcams surround the subject by being placed at an angle to one another. Keep in mind that this angle can at most be 90 degrees (for example: one camera in the front and one on the side).
Not mentionedNot mentioned
  • *Offered as a separate module
  • **Specs of PC or phone can alter performance.

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