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VisionPose Utilized in the Face Recognition Packaged Software “Bio-IDiom KAOATO”

By utilizing VisionPose in the face recognition packaged software “Bio-IDiom KAOATO”, accuracy of authentication was improved and anti-spoofing functions were successfully enhanced.

Koichi Hanada, Cloud Technology Group, 2nd Group of Kyushu Branch Office of NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

Initial Business Requirements

We were investigating technologies for analyzing images of people to improve the authentication capabilities of our Bio-IDiom KAOATO face recognition packaged software.  

Why We Choose VisionPose

We believed that with VisionPose it would be possible to detect people at high speed in the images captured by camera and accurately trace their posture and movements, thus preventing false identification by spoofing. We also thought that we could provide new values and services other than face recognition, by integrating our products with other functions of VisionPose.

Implementation Results and Future Outlook

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the demand for face recognition, one of the most popular forms of non-contact authentication, has been increasing. The “Bio-IDiom KAOATO Detection Enhancement Option” works in conjunction with VisionPose to prevent misidentification and spoofing. We are aiming to expand our services in the field of marketing purposes or surveillance of specific facilities by integrating our face recognition technology with VisionPose or other image analysis engines. Bio-IDiom KAOATO Product Website:

Customer Feedback

“The face recognition system collates the person in the camera with the face image registered in the system and determines that they are the same person. This technology has been improving over the years, but it requires a separate mechanism to prevent spoofing using photos, etc., and companies are scrambling to find a solution. By integrating with VisionPose, we were able to solve this problem, and further improve the authentication accuracy of our optional product “Bio-IDiom KAOATO”, which is now on the market. There has been a widespread need to create new value by integrating our face recognition technology with an AI engine that recognizes the human body in videos. We believe that VisionPose will be a very powerful tool in this regard. I look forward to working with VisionPose in the future as well.

Koichi Hanada

Cloud Technology Group, 2nd Group of Kyushu Branch Office of NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

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