12/12/2017 RELEASE

We launched “MagicMovieCamera” application that can shoot Arienai movies using AR (Augmented reality).

We launched “MagicMovieCamera” application that can shoot Arienai movies using AR (Augmented reality).

~ A feature that can reproduce that scene of famous movies and manga is packed. Idea Infinite AR Movie Shooting Application ~


It is possible to place various AR contents such as real “dagger” “bullet” made from 3D data at a specific position in the real space seen from iPhone’s camera. Multiple AR contents can be arranged, each can be added with specific motion using the motion control function. When shooting, you can take pictures in accordance with the AR contents that you have placed, as if you are “a person who stops bullets with special ability” or “a person who stops a knife that throws countless numbers from every direction with special ability” Recording scenes of adoring like movies and manga etc SNS shoot video shooting is possible. In addition, it is possible to set more filtering function, motion blur effect, type and orientation of light, so you can enjoy more realistic movie shooting.

* ARkit is an AR framework developed by Apple. It was officially introduced from iOS 11.



A famous movie or cartoon scene can be easily reproduced



■ How to play “MagicMovieCamera”
1) Selection: Choose your favorite AR contents. (AR content can be added even in DL)
2) Placement: Places the selected AR content at a specific position in the real space as seen from the camera.
3) Adjustment: Adjust movies using motion control, filter, light control function
4) Shooting: Shoot movies with pose matching the placed content.
■ Other functions
· Filter: It is possible to shoot by selecting two kinds of filters.
· Motion blur: It is possible to add a blurring effect that occurs when shooting a moving object with a camera.
· Motion Record: A function that allows you to memorize motion for each content.
· Light control: It is a function that can adjust the type and direction of light.
■ Aim
We are aiming to provide new entertainment to promote AR technology.
By using MagicMovieCamera, we aim to build a new communication method and expression method for spreading AR.
■ Download page (App Store)
■ “MagicMovieCamera” overview


Application name: MagicMovieCamera
Genre: Photography / Video
Price: Free
Supported OS: iOS 11 (ARkit compatible terminal only)
App Store URL:https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1322291059