Application field to support living and business

Multi-device compatible, Social VR “52 Chat” application under development

It is a state-of-the-art social VR application that allows you to enjoy conversations and gestures with multiple devices by becoming your favorite avatar in VR space.

Operable on PC, smartphone. In addition, you can enjoy a more real immersive feeling by using head mounted display.

▼ Enjoy conversation and gesture by becoming an avatar!
▼ Utilize in various scenes such as interviews, company briefings and meetings!
▼ Painting in VR space! Communication transmitted more with picture ♪

* The movie is under development. There is a possibility of change.

Download page (Google play)

52Chat page

Shoot the unbelievable movie! “MagicMovieCamera” application (JPN var only)

“MagicMovieCamera” is an application that uses AR (augmented reality) that can shoot movies by placing various contents (3D data) in the real space displayed on the screen using the camera.

▼ Topics on Twitter! AR application that can shoot Ali Nai video!
▼ It was introduced not only in Japan but also overseas media!
▼ Favorite content only DL! Prepare lots of interesting content!
▼ atmosphere with filter function UP
▼ Space control! You can take a movie like that one scene for that movie

Download page (App Store)

“ZETTAI JOSHI SONTAKU SASERU Bowling” application (JPN var only)

The meaning of the word “Sontaku” which was also chosen for the buzzword award in 2017 is “to infer the partner’s feelings.”
This application is a game that makes bosses and juniors “Sontaku” with bowling made for the purpose of stress dissipation of contemporary society people who can endure the boss’s unreasonableness and cling to the junior’s rough phase.

Originally, the base was developed for the purpose of our company’s new employee training, but Fujita’s representative director, Fujita, made a momentum and put it into an application with the reason “It is so hard”.
It is an ideal way of playing our idea of thinking about making bowling alert by bowling while reminding boss and juniors who really bother the people who survive contemporary society and clearing our daily depression a little.

Download page (Google Play)

MINNANO QunQun Season 1 (JPN var only)

“MINNANO QunQun Season 1” It is an application to deepen exchanges with select members of QunQun*.

* QunQun Kyushu’s angels “Kyushu Cupits” stands for.
An idol group representing Kyushu based in Fukuoka.
Initially in Japan · Working toward Asian countries.
Earned the nation first place in the local idol popularity vote in 2012.

It has the following functions.

  1. Twitter view / post
    You can view the tweets of each member’s account and tweet accounts.
  2. Blog viewing
    Each member’s blog can be viewed from the calendar.
  3. Bonus videos
    You can watch privilege videos that can only be seen with the application.
  4. Alarm
    Alarms can be set with dialogs filled with individual personality.
  5. Shooting
    You can shoot with members’ pictures.

“MINNANO QunQun Season 1” Selected Members
Inoue Rina, Ohno Kasumi, Nagahama Yuki, Ejima Aeri,
Ideguchi Mako, Uemura Miharu, Wakaba Mimi

Video conference iPhone application

IPhone version of existing video conferencing system client iPhone application which can play conference video and acquire conference material etc.
[Main function]
Chat function
Write handwritten memo to material
Sending camera and album images

[iPhone version video conference application]

Development period: 3 months –
Category: Business
Price: Individual estimate according to installed function
Other: Contract development

WEB Signage for iPhone

WEB signage system linked with iPhone
[Major features]
・Web version digital signage system (electronic signboard) linked with iPhone
・Centralized management of advertisements (images, messages) at each site, control from the iPhone.
・Confirm the inside of the store with iPhone, edit and distribute messages

[WEB Signage for iPhone]

Development period: 3 months –
Category: Business
Price: Individual estimate according to installed function
Other: Contract development

IPad application for nail salon

It is an interactive catalog application making full use of the characteristics of iPad.
[Main function]
・Download and display the catalog on the cloud
・Expand each product
・Display details of each item
・Save as bookmark
・History management (Including functions to be implemented)

[IPad catalog application for nail salon]

Development period: 1 month –
Category: Business
Other: Contract development