The latest AR technology

With AR frameworks “ARKit”, “ARCore”, “Tango (support ended)” that appeared from Apple and Google, it is easy to realize AR application development that recognizes three-dimensional space which was difficult to realize by conventional AR technology It began. We also use them to develop various ARs.

Movie contents

“MagicMovieCamera” that can shoot unbelievable movies using AR (JPN ver only)

By using ARKit’s space recognition function, you can place various 3D contents such as real “dagger”, “bullet” made from 3D data at a specific position in the real space seen from iPhone’s camera.
Multiple 3D contents can be arranged, each can use a motion control function to add specific motion.
When shooting, you can take pictures in accordance with the AR contents that you placed, as if you are “a person who stops bullets with special ability” or “who stops a knife who throws infinitely from every direction with special ability” You can shoot movies to shoot as SNS as if you can reproduce a cool scene like a movie or a cartoon.

In addition, it is possible to set more filtering function, motion blur effect, type and orientation of light, so you can enjoy more realistic movie shooting.
* ARkit is an AR framework developed by Apple. It was officially introduced from iOS 11.

Download page (App Store)

An application that can simulate placement of furniture in AR

When buying furniture, have you decided not to be able to decide the status quo as it is, have you been to go to the shop many times? The reason is that it is one of the big reasons that it is because you do not know the size of the fitting furniture or the image of the room.

I tried developing a demonstration application that can simulate the placement of furniture using AR. Because it is full size, the image when you actually put it in the room is easy to understand, the higher the quality of CG the higher the discomfort. It seems that compatibility seems to be good, such as mail – order sites that are less likely to produce images than real shops.

An app that grows pets with AR

It is a demonstration video of a pet development application created by students who came to interns using Apple’s AR framework “ARkit” for iOS.

Originally developed by himself “draw! Raise it! Created as an AR version of an application named Pet Liang. In the AR version you can train a character named Pet Lian in a real space through a camera.

▼ Spatial recognition is possible by using ARkit’s technology. Observable from various angles.
▼ Cute reaction to stroke Petrian!
▼ I can give rice (apple).
▼ I get fat when I eat rice.

A system in which a picture can be improved even with a person with poor picture using AR

It is a demonstration video of the AR system that anyone who created using Google’s AR framework “Tango” can easily draw pictures well.

You can draw a picture like a model by placing a line of painting which is a model for your role on the space and tracing that line.
“I want to put out a nice sign in front of the shop, but I can not paint the picture because it is poor.” It is possible to use it in various cases, such as “I want to draw a picture on the blackboard in class and explain it to the students, but the picture is poor and not well transmitted”.

AR (Augmented reality) system development

NEXT-SYSTEM supports all development related to AR (augmented reality).

AR is a fusion of “reality” and “virtual”. By looking through the built-in camera of the smartphone or tablet, you can check objects that should not exist in the original.
For example, when looking at the city where you live, the description of the shop is displayed, the reputation is displayed, etc that you usually add to the scenery you are seeing adds a richer expression AR is.
We also develop and provide services on various media such as real estate, electronic catalogs, signboards and others.
We will propose to various requests such as “What is new appeal element?”, “I want to make new signboard of shop”, “I want to simulate full size commodity”.

If you are interested in AR please contact us from the inquiry form.