2023.10.24 Notice

NEXT-SYSTEM Reopens Overseas Business Channels Following Successful Software Launch


Fukuoka, Japan – NEXT-SYSTEM has announced that it will once more be open to business inquiries and communications originating from overseas. The resumption comes after the successful release of NEXT-SYSTEM’s newest software, as well as continued interest and support outside of its native Japan.

NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd., a Fukuoka, Japan-based, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered software developer, is happy to announce that it is once again able to respond to any overseas inquiries and emails. This comes after the successful launch of its long-awaited ‘VP-Motion’ human behavior detection software, earlier this month.

“We are thrilled to be in a position where we can accept overseas inquiries again”, said Shunsuke Tanaka, head of Overseas Marketing at NEXT-SYSTEM. “We have received strong support and interest from people all around the world who are eager to try out our AI-powered solutions. With today’s announcement, we are once more opening up to the rest of the world after almost a year of being closed off. In that time, we focused on improving our products and making inroads into the domestic market. We are now confident that we can have a noticeable impact on the international market too. We are excited to see what the future holds. Both for our company, as well as AI development and its usage in society as a whole.”

Please refer to the inquiry form, available on both the NEXT-SYSTEM website and below this message, for all inquiries.