2023.10.11 News

NEXT-SYSTEM to Announce the Global Launch of VP-Motion that Learns and Detects Human Behaviors


Next System Co., Ltd. a software developer for AI solusions, today announces the global launch of VP-Motion, an AI Behavior Analysis System that learns and automatically detects human behavior. The official launch date for VP-Motion is Monday, October 2, 2023.
VP-Motion product page: https://www.next-system.com/en/vp-motion

VP-Motion Promotion Video

What is VP-Motion?

VP-Motion is an AI-Powered human behavior analysis application that learns and automatically detects human movements. Through training, the integrated AI acquires the ability to recognize a wide range of action patterns and improve automatic detection.
VP-Motion is designed to detect various abnormal behaviors such as work errors, falls, and suspicious behavior in real time, allowing users to build autonomous monitoring systems and reducing the need for constant human monitoring.

Video Analysis in Progress

The latest release on October 2 adds language switching capabilities, making it available in a wider range of regions and countries.

Features of VP-Motion

From “Training” to “Automatic Detection” – All in One Package.
VP-Motion offers a comprehensive suite of three AI-based applications for the automatic detection of human behavior.
These applications enable users to automatically detect their desired behavior patterns.

These applications enable you to automatically detect the specific behavior
patterns you desire:

  • Configure with VP-Motion Annotator
  • Train with VP-Motion Trainer
  • Analyze with VP-Motion Monitor

Through the iterative process of “configuration,” “training,” and “analysis,” the range of automatically detected behavior patterns expands, enhancing detection accuracy.

These applications

Use Case for VP-Motion

Production and Manufacturing Field


・Work error detection and routine task monitoring

Medical Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Sector


・Swift detectection of dangerous behaviors, falls, and accidents

Retail and Security


・Recognition of suspicious activities such as criminal and destructive behavior


VP-Motion for Windows All-In-One Package
Price: US$8,690
Product Includes:
・VP-Motion (Annotator/Trainer/Monitor) x1
– Integrated environment for Annotator/Trainer/Monitor.
・Standalone Monitor x1
・Product key for VP-Motion x1
・Product key for Standalone Monitor x1

VP-Motion for Windows Standalone Monitor
Price: US$990
Product includes:
・Standalone Monitor x1
– Monitor app for a PC separate from the integrated environment.

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