2024.06.22 News

2.0.2 Update for VP-Ergono: NEXT-SYSTEM’s AI Ergonomic Tool Gets Even Better

FUKUOKA, Japan – NEXT-SYSTEM Co. Ltd. has announced the release of version 2.0.2 of its AI Ergonomics Evaluation System ‘VP-Ergono.’ This update enhances the system’s ability to automatically analyze worker strain in real-time using skeletal information, further optimizing workplace ergonomics and user experience.

VP-Ergono empowers businesses to move beyond subjective evaluations by human experts, utilizing AI to deliver objective, quantitative data on posture and workload. By employing the internationally recognized OWAS method for posture assessment, the system allows for early identification of physical strain, enabling proactive measures to prevent occupational hazards and promote safer working environments.

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The software’s core strengths remain firmly in place:

  • Seamlessly analyzes both real-time and prerecorded footage
  • Requires no specialized equipment beyond a standard PC and webcam
  • Visualizes analysis results in both 3D models and numeric values

Although the 2.0.2 update doesn’t introduce revolutionary new features, it signifies NEXT-SYSTEM’s dedication to continuous improvement. By addressing bugs, this update ensures the system performs at its best, delivering the most accurate and reliable data possible. This, in turn, empowers users to leverage VP-Ergono’s core functionalities to their fullest potential, optimizing workplace ergonomics and worker safety.

With this latest update, NEXT-SYSTEM reaffirms its commitment to advancing workplace safety and efficiency through innovative AI solutions. The update underscores their ongoing effort to meet evolving industry needs, empowering businesses to achieve optimal operational health and productivity.

For more information on VP-Ergono and to explore its features, visit NEXT-SYSTEM website or Product Page.