2024.06.19 News

NEXT-SYSTEM Unveils VP-Sync English Website

FUKUOKA, Japan – NEXT-SYSTEM Co. Ltd. has launched the VP-Sync English website, offering a preview of an upcoming innovative AI-driven tool designed for assessing movement synchronization, with a global release scheduled.

VP-Sync is a sophisticated software application that evaluates the synchronization of individuals in two separate video recordings. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, it detects skeletal movements, calculates precise body part angles, and automates analysis processes that traditionally rely on manual confirmation, thereby reducing errors and inefficiencies.

Catering to a diverse range of users, VP-Sync offers intuitive functionalities. Whether you are a dancer, athlete, or simply looking to refine your movement technique, VP-Sync empowers you to achieve enhanced synchronization with ease.

“VP-Sync represents a significant advancement in our commitment to innovation,” says Yoshio Fujita, founder and CEO of NEXT-SYSTEM. “It not only enhances the efficiency of movement synchronization processes but also opens new possibilities for improving movement techniques across diverse industries. We are excited about the potential impact VP-Sync will have on our users’ ability to achieve higher levels of performance and accuracy.”

▼To visually experience how VP-Sync works and its potential impact, watch the introductory video:

Moreover, NEXT-SYSTEM is planning to offer a 30-day free trial for VP-Sync, allowing interested users to experience its benefits firsthand.

While the VP-Sync website is now live, the application itself is not yet available for purchase. NEXT-SYSTEM is actively preparing for its international launch to make this cutting-edge technology accessible to users worldwide. The company encourages interested individuals to visit the website for more information and to register their interest. Updates on the official launch date will be communicated in due course.