2024.02.22 News

NEXT-SYSTEM unveils English website for VP-Ergono

FUKUOKA, Japan – NEXT-SYSTEM Co. Ltd., has today opened its English website for VP-Ergono in the runup to the global release of the highly anticipated AI powered ergonomic evaluation software. Interested parties can use the website to get a better idea of what VP-Ergono is, and how it can be implemented in their own products or companies. While the product is as of yet still only sold in its native Japan, NEXT-SYSTEM is hard at work to get VP-Ergono ready for its international launch.

VP-Ergono allows users the ability to get an unparalleled understanding of how much strain is being placed on a body at any given moment. VP-Ergono achieves this using the OWAS method, the internationally accepted standard to judge working posture. However, the method suffers from two major issues, that VP-Ergono solves.

First, the method does not take all motions someone has taken into account, only judging snapshots. Second, the method is based on human intuition and interpretation. So, two people might draw two completely different solutions. VP-Ergono uses a powerful AI engine to detect someone’s posture automatically and objectively. The software can be used with both prerecorded and real-time footage, meaning that it can be an asset to any and all industries.

For more information on VP-Ergono, feel free to visit our website or check out our blog where we explain exactly how VP-Ergono beats out the tried and true OWAS method.

VP-Ergono’s English website