2024.01.17 News

NEXT-SYSTEM Resumes Sales of AI Pose Estimation Engine VisionPose

FUKUOKA, Japan – NEXT-SYSTEM Co. Ltd. has announced it will resume sales of its highly coveted AI pose estimation engine VisionPose from today. The engine, which has been sold to over 400 companies including Japanese industry heavyweight representatives such as Toyota, Honda, and Panasonic, allows users unparalleled pose estimation at a cutthroat price.

To use VisionPose, all that is needed is a camera and a computer. AI will scan the camera feed and analyze where the specific keypoints on the bodies are. Once analysis is complete, the information gained can be used in a variety of ways. Several usages of VisionPose include motion capture used for both movies and gaming, and analysis for sports or medical purposes.

VisionPose comes with a couple of applications straight out of the box, including BodyAndColor

VisionPose retails for $4,950 and is a one-time purchase. A development licenses for commercial distribution retails at $495. Furthermore, a free trial is also available. For more information, please refer to the official VisionPose product page.

VisionPose was first released to the public in 2018 and quickly garnered a following due to its precision, its accessibility due to only requiring a webcam as opposed to state-of-the-art equipment, and its highly competitive pricing. Businesses in its native Japan were quick to adopt the new engine, including well-known car manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda, as well as tech manufacturers such as Panasonic and Konami. While each company had their own needs and ideas on how to implement VisionPose, all were unanimous in their verdict: VisionPose is worth its weight in gold.

The engine has been successfully incorporated in NEXT-SYSTEM’s proprietary software as well, most notably in VP-Motion. This software allows its users to analyze movements and behavior in great detail. It also allows people to get notified whenever certain learned behavior occurs, and keeps track of whether a routine task is performed successfully and in order.