2024.07.02 News

NEXT-SYSTEM Announces Global Launch of VisionPose Single3D for iOS/iPadOS

FUKUOKA, Japan – NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd, a company specializing in the research and development of cutting-edge systems like AI and XR (AR/VR/MR), proudly announces the global launch of their groundbreaking AI Pose Estimation Engine ‘VisionPose Single3D for iOS/ipadOS’.

Following the successful release of the Windows Unity version of VisionPose Single3D, NEXT-SYSTEM has responded to numerous requests by introducing the iOS/ipadOS version, available starting today.

VisionPose Single3D stands out for its unmatched efficiency. Unlike the VisionPose Standard series, which requires two cameras for skeletal detection in 3D coordinates, the Single 3D variant achieves the same precision using just one camera.

Shunsuke Tanaka, head of Overseas Marketing Team at NEXT-SYSTEM, highlights the key features of the iOS/ipadOS version. “What sets it apart is its comprehensive software development kit (SDK) for app development, eliminating the need to purchase distribution licenses for commercial use, a significant advantage over the Unity version.”

Additionally, it includes sample apps such as BodyAndColor with MICHICO, and an app for video and still image analysis. These apps include source code, which can be referenced when creating your own applications. Developers are encouraged to utilize this for various development purposes.

With iOS/ipadOS version, NEXT-SYSTEM is making pose estimation technology easier, more accessible, and more versatile for everyone.
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▼ About VisionPose Single3D

VisionPose Single3D, a part of the VisionPose series, can detect up to 17 keypoints of the human body in 3D and 30 keypoints in 2D using only one camera. This facilitates utilization in game development, and VR/AR development, and various motion capture projects.

▼ Sample Motion Capture App

Single3D includes the skeletal visualization app ‘BodyAndColor with MICHICO’ as a sample application. This app automatically detects and tracks a person’s skeletal structure in real-time through camera and reflects the motion onto the 3DCG character MICHICO. Traditionally, motion capture required multiple cameras and the attachment of devices to the subject. However, ‘BodyAndColor with MICHICO’ eliminates the need for special devices, making it easier than ever to map body movements onto a 3D character.

Please note that VP-Analyzer App is not included in the iOS/iPadOS unlike the Unity. However, users will have access to a separate sample app for video and still image analysis. This app empowers users to effortlessly conduct highly accurate skeletal analysis on pre-recorded video and still image files.

VisionPose was initially released in 2018 has gained popularity for its precision, accessibility (requiring only a webcam), and competitive pricing. Among the lineup of the AI Pose Estimation Engine ‘VisionPose’, it has been adopted by more than 400 companies, including Japanese industry leaders such as Toyota, Honda, and Panasonic. It has also been integrated into NEXT-SYSTEM’s proprietary software, notably VP-Motion, an AI Behavior Analysis System and VP-Ergono , an AI Ergonomic Evaluation System.

For more information, visit the NEXT-SYSTEM website.