2023.12.26 News

Official Start of VP-Motion Free Trial

Fukuoka, Japan – NEXT-SYSTEM is proud to announce that it has officially launched VP-Motion’s 30 day free trial. After launching VP-Motion earlier this year, NEXT-SYSTEM is ready to allow the wider community to test the program to their heart’s content. Applying for the free trial can be done through the free trial inquiry form.

NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd., a Fukuoka, Japan-based, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered software developer, is able to deliver free trials of its highly anticipated AI powered human detection software, VP-Motion. Those who are interested in trying out the software can apply through the inquiry form found on the VP-Motion page.

VP-Motion is based on the VisionPose engine, a highly successful proprietary engine that allows unparalleled accuracy when it comes to skeletal inference, or the act of deducing the skeleton of someone through camera footage. This is all done through AI, which means that markers are unnecessary, and all you need is any ordinary camera that can connect to your computer. VisionPose has been successfully introduced in over 700 companies, including industry heavyweights such as Toyota, Honda, and Konami.