2022.03.02 Notice

Human Skeleton Detection via AI Technology – AI Pose Estimation Visionpose Demo Website Opens on March 2nd!

AI Pose Estimation Engine VisionPose Demo Website Example Image

NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. has launched a free demo website on March 2nd, 2022, where you can try AI pose estimation engine VisionPose and detect skeletal information from image files by either uploading existing jpg/png/gif files, or taking a picture with your webcam/smartphone camera.

Here is the link to the free VisionPose demo website.

This is what the demo website looks like:

Image of the AI Pose Estimation Engine VisionPose Free Demo Website

What is VisionPose?

VisionPose is an AI pose estimation engine that detects human skeleton information on real-time camera images, still images and videos, without the need for markers or special equipment. The AI is capable of detecting skeletal information of 30 key points in 2D and 3D in real-time and comes with two ready-to-use applications in addition to the SDK, so the user can start analyzing immediately after setting up their PC. As an all-around SDK package, it has already been applied to various fields in development and research, and has been implemented by over 250 clients inside of Japan. Sale outside of Japan has started with two products, VisionPose Standard for Windows C#, C++, and Linux, and the number of supported platforms will be expanded sequentially.

Here are examples of result pictures from the demo website:

Pose Estimation Analysis Example of one Person With the Free Demo of VisionPose

Pose Estimation Analysis Example of Multiple People With the Free Demo Website of VisionPose

VisionPose Promotion Video

VisionPose SDK Product Page