What is the maximum number of cameras that can be connected to a single PC when using VP-Motion Monitor?
You can connect up to 8 cameras at maximum. However, you might need to adjust the number of connections based on factors such as your PC’s performance and the analysis being performed.
What are the system requirements for using VP-Motion on a PC?
CPU: Intel® Core i7-6700 or equivalent, or higher
Memory: 32GB or more
Minimum required GPU : NVIDIA® GPU with a minimum of 6GB of VRAM
Recommended GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 3060 or equivalent, or higher
What video formats are compatible?
All of the below video formats should be supported by VP-Motion.
‘mp4’, ‘avi’, ‘mov’, ‘wmv’, ‘flv’, ‘mpeg’, ‘mkv’, ‘webm’, ‘mts’, ‘m2ts’
However, please keep in mind that some files might not load, depending on your installed video codecs.
Can I use a 4K camera as my input source?
Yes, but keep in mind that this will only result in a higher video resolution. Accuracy is not affected by the resolution of the input source.
Can I purchase an additional license for Standalone Monitor at a later time?
Yes, additional licenses can be purchased whenever you choose.
Does VP-Motion recognize movement when the person performing it was not in the training data?
Yes, VP-Motion will detect the movement without any problems. Do keep in mind that you can improve the detection accuracy by performing similar movements recorded through different camera angles.
How are the analysis results from VP-Motion Monitor exported?
Each camera generates the following output:
Video data
Logs and corresponding CSV data for behavioral analysis
Logs and corresponding CSV data for skeleton detection
Packet communication output for these logs
What are the methods available for communicating with external systems?
VP-Motion uses TCP and UDP packet communication to send its data.
Can VP-Motion identify individuals through physical resemblance, or the way they walk?
Our product VP-Eyes offers this capability, and will be released soon.
Does Standalone Monitor run on different OS?
Right now, Standalone Monitor is only supported on Windows, but we are working on supporting other OS too.
How do I use the product key?
Please input the product key on the VP-Motion title screen while connected to the internet, and then activate it through authentication.
I’m having trouble with product key authentication. What should I do?
Authentication requires a connection to the activation server. Please refer to the included manual for more detailed instructions.
How do I obtain information about the duration of analyzed behavior?
Within the CSV data of the behavior analysis log there is a value called ‘predict’, which is the value that VP-Motion uses to indicate its confidence that a certain action assigned to a label is being performed.
By comparing this value with the user-defined ‘threshold’ within the monitoring application, you can calculate the duration of the analyzed behavior.
・Start time ⇒ When the ‘predict’ value is higher than the designated ‘threshold’.
・End time ⇒ When the ‘predict’ value is lower than the set ‘threshold’.
How can I evaluate the trained models generated by VP-Motion?
You are able to compare the inference results against the training data by using the ‘Dataset Viewer’ feature in VP-Motion Trainer. For more details, please refer to the included manual.
How do I read a timestamp?
When reading timestamps, treat the values as UNIX time.
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