Name CEO Fujita Yoshio
Birthplace Okubo, Ogori City, Fukuoka Japan
Birthday 13th June 1964
Career At the development headquarters and the software development company of a major computer maker, He is engaged in the following software design and development.

①Design and development of file system of microkernel OS
②Design and development of B-TRON file system utility
③OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Session layer design and development
④Design and development of TCP / IP driver
⑤Database driver design and development
⑥Design and development of interactive processing system
⑦Design and development of Internet server
⑧Project management of the core system development of major telecommunications companies

In August 2002, we established the next system with the philosophy of “Create dreams in reality, create the future”.
After foundation, as a state-of-the-art system development company, we have been conducting system development business, centering on cutting-edge fields related to mobile and mobile.

Today, we are developing systems for various leading-edge fields such as latest smartphone related development such as iPhone, iPad, Android, motion control system using Augmented Reality (AR) and Kinect etc.
Other Individual
Member of the Information Processing Society
Chairman of smartphone business association (iBizQ)

iBizQ (iPhone & iPad Business Exchange Party)
└ iMarQ:
└ iDevQ:

Member Organization
Member of the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce
Apple Developer Connection compan
Qualcomm BREW Developer companies
KDDI Mobile Solution Partner company
SSP (SoftBank Solution Provider) company

Lecture & activities
03.06.2011 Fukuoka Contents Industry Promotion Conference General Assembly Case Practice
14.06.2011 The Eighteenth Bank Kitsugi Association
Social network service seminar lecturer
26.07.2011 Lecturer, Summer Special Lecture at Nippon Designer Institute Kyushu School
24.08.2011 Digital Hollywood Fukuoka School Friendly Advanced Creative Seminar Lecturer
26.08.2011 Geo Media Summit Kyushu Location AR case introduction Podium
08.10.2011 AppBank Japan Tour 2nd in Kyushu Case Study Presentation
24.10.2011 Instructor of IT special lecture at Kyushu Sangyo University
01.11.2011 Fukuoka Education Center IT specialist course lecturer
08.12.2011 Aso Information Business College IT Special Lecture lecturer
17.12.2011 SAGA Creators Conference (Saga University) Keynote Speech
10.02.2012 Invited lecture “Fukuoka city sponsored” High Level Advanced Technology Seminar “
22.02.2012 Keynote lecture “IT × Game Collaboration Seminar” sponsored by Fukuoka city