With the latest technology and content,
Provide the best services to society,
We make corporate mission to create a future society where everyone is rich,
comfortable and convenient.


“Create a future with a dream reality”

Future image

Together, would you like to create such a future society with our hands?


Each of us, NEXT Group employees,
Always remember the spirit of challenge and change,

  • High-quality expertise that can contribute to trust and prosperity for customers Being a company that continues to provide services
  • Contribution to society through information technology
  • To be a company capable of permanent development of its company and dream of employees

This is the management philosophy.




“Even if the world changes and people change and the times change, we will always remain a company that creates the future, repeating our own transformation, remembering the spirit of always challenging” next “, the next era I am willing.


CI Mark

“X” of the alphabet and “∞” representing infinity
We combined Infiniti as a corporate mark of the next system by combining the golden ratio that makes harmony and stability feel.
It means the combination of infinite meaning of ∞, in the unknown meaning that X means “an infinite challenge to unknown”.
Blue, which is the background color, expresses the universe that is abyssed with Mother Earth.


Sky Blue
#87CEEB (RGB:135,206,235)

The sky blue of the corporate color represents a clear blue sky, Honesty, peace, peace and hope are expressed.