25/07/2018 RELEASE

Easy communication from the smartphone in the virtual world. “52Chat” distribution started.

Easy communication from the smartphone in the virtual world. “52Chat” distribution started.

~ Freely freaky character makeup. VR Chat communication with a smartphone. ~



NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. (Head Office: CEO Yoshio Fujita) launched “52Chat” as a part of the project aiming for VR Chat application that can communicate in a virtual world from smartphones.
52Chat” is a communication tool that you can join from a smartphone.
It is possible to communicate by customizing characters freely, chatting with users around the world in the virtual space, and posing.
This product is an application developed experimentally in the company. Although we will only release Android version at this stage,
Depending on your reaction, future deployment (VR compliant, iOS compatible, Mac compatible, PC compatible etc.) will be decided. If you do not mind, thank you for your support.

1. Communication can be established in the virtual space.
– Voice chat function
– Text chat function
– Posing function
You can move your head, hands, arms, legs and take a free pose.
– Movement function
You can switch from the third person viewpoint and the first person viewpoint.
– Animation creation function
You can respond to various motion by recording animation and playing it.
2. I can make a character makeup.
– Customize function
It is possible to freely customize by adjusting various parts (eye, mouth, outline, hairstyle etc) of Avatar’s face.
3. You can save and read the character you created as a character card.
You can always play with your favorite character by saving the character setting in the QR code.
52Chat's character makeup screen.
52Chat’s character makeup screen.

52Chat card
You can save your favorite character using character card (52ChatCard).

You can pose freely. Also animation creation function.
52Chat overview


Application name: 52Chat
Category: Simulation
Price: Free
App Store URL:https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id1413083033
Google Play URL:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nextsystem.Chat52

Outline of company.
Company name: NEXT-SYSTEM Co., Ltd.
Address: F2, 3-12-33, Ijiri, Minami-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 811-1302, Japan
URL: http://www.next-system.com/en/
For inquiries: Tanaka in charge (r-tanaka@www.next-system.com)