Oculus VR/MR

Near future technologies like SF movies

We are developing VR (Virtual Reality) system and MR (Mixed Reality) system using HMD (Head Mounted Display).

VR and MR systems with immersive feeling can provide users with various realistic simulation experiences such as automobiles and houses that have never existed before.

Movie contents

Virtual Reality Automobile Working Experience System

It is a virtual reality work sensation system that Kinect V2 recognizes a bone (skeleton information), moves an avatar, and assigns an Oculus camera to an avatar.

When you look at the appearance of avatar which is his alter ego in Oculus, there is “feeling” in which the body actually exists in the virtual space. A strange “sensation” like the hands of Avatar is as if it were his own hand is a very rare experience obtained only by Oculus + Kinect. Also, this demonstration stuck to lighting. There is realistic feeling unique to Oculus VR. (VR automobile assembly)

VR simulation system capable of experiencing residential model room

Oculus VR (VirtualReality) sensory system which combines Oculus and Kinect V2. In addition to looking through the model room in the virtual space with Oculus, you can grasp the movement of the body using Kinect V 2 and touch the equipment in the virtual space with your body (hand) for operation.

[Facilities that can be operated]
· Opening and closing the refrigerator door
· Turn on the electricity in the room
· Open the window of the room
· Tap the tap of the tap to flush the water
As you get closer to each facility, the navigation window is automatically displayed and urges the user to operate.
(VR Mansion / VR Model Room / VR House)

A VR system that allows you to experience Hakata Yamakasa in 360° movies

* Please read this content on Cardboard mode on Youtube on Android device.
This time, the equipment used for 360 ° movie shooting is as follows.

[Use tool]

  • ■Hardware
    · GoPro HERO 3 Silver Edition 6 units
    · H3Pro 6 (6 GoPro rigs)
  • ■Software
    · Kolor Autopano Video Pro
    · Kolor Autopano Pro

Kolor Autopano Video Pro is used for synthesizing six movies (stitch), Autopano Pro is used for color adjustment, etc.

[To upload to Youtube as a 360° video]

  1. Download 360 Video Metadata application
  2. Save 360 ° video with 360 Video Metadata application.
  3. Upload file
    With this, it is a movie that can be viewed while moving a 360 ° movie with a mouse with a browser (Chrome, Firefox).

[How to watch 360-degree video on Google Cardboard]

  1. Get Google Cardboard and assemble it.
  2. Open the YouTube app on Android.
  3. Open https://youtu.be/drN-6BsqoxU (360 degree compatible movie).
  4. Tap the Cardboard icon. The screen is divided into two small screens.
  5. Insert your smartphone into Cardboard.
  6. I look around and see the 360 degree video in every direction.

Oculus VR (virtual reality) / MR (mixed reality) system development

We are developing VR system (VR: Virtual Reality) and MR System (MR: Mixed Reality) with immersive feeling using HMD (Head Mounted Display). We will provide realistic simulated experiences that we could not experience until now. For example, it is possible to provide realistic simulated experiences like the following.

  • VR system development to experience the universe (Oculus VR) … VR (Virtual Reality)
    It is a VR system that allows you to experience a space like a fake. You can see the full-size artificial satellite and the blue earth at your feet. (VR universe)
  • VR (Oculus VR + Leap Motion) to experience the cockpit of the near future car … MR (Mixed Reality)
    By using LeapMotion, it is possible to touch and operate the virtual interior of CG. You can select various scenes of the near future car from your virtual space with your own hands. (VR automobile simulation)
  • VR system development in the near future car (Oculus VR + Ovrvision) … MR (Mixed Reality)
    By using Ovrvision (front camera), you can synthesize content data of CG into a real world and simulate a virtual image of a near future car in a real space. (VR car image)
  • City driving VR system (Oculus VR + eye tracking sensor) … VR (Virtual Reality)
    It is a VR system that runs throughout the city with the urban area in the VR space sitting in the driver ‘s seat. It is possible to grasp the movement of the driver ‘s line of sight while driving around the city with the eye tracking sensor and check what kind of gaze movement the driver is driving. (VR automobile simulation)
  • Housing VR system (Oculus VR + Kinect V2) … VR (Virtual Reality)
    You can walk around the apartment model room space created with 3DCG freely, open the door by hand, open the window, turn on the electricity in the room, or run the water from the faucet. (VR residential simulation)
  • VR system development to see and touch a real machine (Oculus VR / HTC VIVE + Kinect V2)
    In addition to seeing real-world virtual machines in virtual space, use Kinect V2 to recognize the bones of hands, replace the recognized hands with virtual hands in the virtual space and touch virtual machines with that hand You will be able to. It is also possible to give specific movements (pressing buttons, sounds) to the machine in the place you touched. (VR automobile / VR factory / VR industry / VR machine / VR housing)
  • Real machine + MR system of CG synthesis (MS HoloLens) … MR (Mixed Reality)
    You can try incorporating the 3DCG data under design as it is into a real machine, and you can see it together. As new optional part design and mechanical design can be seen according to the real mechanism in the CG data state, it is possible to raise the development speed in developing new parts. (MR design simulation)
  • Development of VR system incorporating artificial intelligence (machine learning) (Oculus VR / HTC VIVE + Kinect V2)
    Automatically learns the user’s movement in the virtual space (machine learning) and automatically recognizes the standard motion pattern. Based on the behavior pattern, we will judge the movements of individual users in the virtual space. If it is not standard behavior, you can inform you by issuing an alarm in the virtual space. It can be expected to be applied in training, rehabilitation, work training and so on.