Industry Kinect

VR / MR system for industrial field

We are researching and developing VR (VirtualReality) / MR (MixedReakity) system for various industrial fields (automobile, factory) combining Oculus and Kinect.

Research and development of VR / MR system for various industrial fields using Oculus and Kinect

In 2016, while being said to be the first year of virtual reality, the application of virtual reality to medical fields and industrial fields has been expanding beyond games and entertainment fields.

We have many achievements in development of VR (VirtualReality) and MR (MixedReality) system using Oculus and Kinect. While there are still few cases and technical information on the net is small, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge through our own research and development.

If you are considering virtual reality and mixed reality such as manufacturing site and various simulation systems, please do not hesitate to consult us.

  1. Research and development of MR system for product assembly simulation using Oculus and Kinect V2
    (Capture body movement with Kinect V 2 and simulate product assembly in Oculus’ VR space)
  2. Research and development of a system to measure work load posture using Kinect V2
  3. Research and development of a system to judge contact with members using Kinect V2
  4. Research and development of a system that monitors work using Kinect V2
  5. Research and development of product object recognition using Kinect
    (Development of object recognition system making full use of Kinect V 2 and image recognition technology)