Medical noncontact browsing system

Non contact type browsing system that allows smooth browsing of CT images and 3D images
It is a no contact type browsing system that enables surgeons who do not touch the equipment themselves during treatment to perform smooth surgery by shortening time in a safe and clean environment.

Movie contents

iKINESYS operation scene 1

IKINESYS “is a medical noncontact reading system that allows operators to smoothly view slice images and 3D data of MRI and CT without touching the equipment themselves.

iKINESYS operation scene 2

It is a promotion movie of a medical system non-contact viewing system “iKINESYS” which allows surgeons to smoothly view slice images and 3D data of MRI and CT without touching the equipment themselves.

As a mechanism for browsing information during surgery at the medical site so far, outside circulation nurses operate the personal computer directly to share information, special sheets with special antibacterial specifications Image browsing by touch operation to a protected tablet type terminal has been chiefly done. However, there are cases in which it is difficult for the surgeon himself to draw accurate information, and hygiene problems have been worried about in any way.

Therefore, we thought that the surgeon needed a device for viewing information without touching it at all, regardless of the operation, and we have developed this system.

  1. Improvement of sanitation by complete noncontact operation
    It is a perfect noncontact browsing system that allows you to browse necessary images with just hand movements, so you do not need to worry about hygiene. Moreover, it will not interrupt the concentration of surgeons by instructing the operator.
  2. Industry first! Full reproduction of 3D cut image
    Pseudostereoscopic display of 3D cutting plane which is also our proprietary technology realized. Three-dimensional construction of image information obtained before surgery or during surgery plays a supplementary role in the process of surgery.
  3. Direct acquisition of 3D data
    Previously, it was necessary to export and import 3D data via the DICOM viewer such as Ozirix, but now it is now possible to import 3D data directly from DICOM data.
  4. Stress-free operation feeling that can be viewed with natural action
    It is possible to shrink the image by swinging the hand to the left and right, selecting an image, spreading both hands, or shrinking it. Also slide images of MRI and CT are continuously displayed by moving the arm back and forth. You can browse affected areas with intuitive operation.
  5. Shorter surgical time and reduced patient burden
    The surgeon himself operates himself, giving instructions to the operator and allowing the surgeon to proceed with surgery without leaving the surgical field, so it is possible to shorten the operation time and reduce the burden on the patient.
  6. Utilizing various images of medical sites
    It is possible to easily capture DICOM (uncompressed), JPEG, PNG image formats. From radiographs to CT scan images You can capture the data used at the medical scene without converting it as it is.
  7. Easy setting of inspection image data
    Easy operation can be done by installing the KINESYS for medical exclusive application and importing and setting inspection images by a management system which can be set with simple operation.