Here is a near future technology like SF movies

We are developing motion control system (contactless operation system) and NUI (Natural User Interface) system using Kinect, Xtion, RealSense, LeapMotion and others.

We aim to evolve further relationships between people and computers, offering means for everyone to easily access to computers, clouds and net service by natural hand movements and body movements.

Movie contents

Motion control operation scenery

I used a motion sensor such as Kinect
We are doing various development.

Motion control system using Kinect V2 etc., NUI (Natural User Interface) system

  1. Virtual Fashion (virtual fitting system)
    It is possible to try clothes automatically on the person’s body standing in front of the signage screen. We are using various places such as major department stores, commercial facilities, amusement facilities, hotel wedding ceremonies and apparel makers. It takes a lot of trouble to wear It is possible to increase the efficiency when choosing costumes by using it for simple try-on such as dresses and kimonos.
  2. Non-contact operation system for medical system
    We have developed a system that allows the surgeon himself to operate from a place away from the personal computer screen during surgery at the medical site and view data such as patient’s medical record and CT scan. Since you can operate without touching the screen, it is possible to improve sanitation management. We are using in the operating room of Hokkaido University School of Medicine.
  3. Interactive digital signage “Kinesys”
    Automatically recognize people standing in front of the signage screen and people walking in front, switching contents (movies and still images), trying on clothes, sticking to the face, changing style Wind and water painting style), interactive signage “Kinesys” responding to the movement of various people, such as snow and petals dancing.
  4. Interaction system for events and promotions
    We provide great surprises and excitement to the viewer with near future futuristic UI / UX and magic like operation interface. Especially effective for collecting attention of people such as promotion of events and new products can be expected.

    As a result,
    • Interaction system tailored to new program of key TV station
      → We cooperated with smartphones to spread topics on SNS.
    • Transformation-type interaction system for key TV station’s summer event
      → I contributed to a large customer attraction at the event.
    • Along with the launch of a new type of metal robot by toy makers, a large-scale event interaction system in Akihabara
      → Using the large screen of 170 inches, we gathered attention from the venue by doing a seamless operation system of animation and 3DCG robot.
    • Interaction system for beverage manufacturer
      → Promotion for canned coffee. Sample free cans The moment the customer opens the coffee by hand, the effect of the light dances and dances, the image of the customer converting to the central external screen gathers.
    • Interaction system for PR promotion of Japanese movie cartoon movies
      → A system floating in the air that floats in the air is made in full size, the system starts when sitting, shooting in various scenes appearing in the movie, posting it on Facebook. By receiving a pseudo experience like a character in a movie, it became popular content that many children tried.
    • Interaction system for power company Energy Center
      → We have developed an interaction system for children to learn about history and energy consumption. It was introduced in the Energy Hall and is used for learning of many children. In order to have you understand generating energy, if you can row the two aero bikes while competing and charge the energy to full, you can warp from the past era to the next era. By virtual transformation into costumes of each age and answering questions of that era, it is possible to enjoy history while learning history.
    • Interaction system for company PR, product PR
      → Various interaction systems using Kinect and others were implemented for PR and company PR of their own products at major companies such as major computer manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, confectionery manufacturers, publishing companies and others.
    • Interaction system using 4 walls at the housing exhibition hall
      → We developed a large-scale interaction system using 4 walls for the exhibition hall of major housing makers. The interaction of the image where the front, the left and right, the ceiling and the whole room are surrounded is instantly switched from the state and the image of the room, and it is possible for all the family members to enjoy.

Development of motion control system using Kinect

We are developing motion control systems (gesture operation system, contactless operation system) and NUI (Natural User Interface) system using motion sensors such as Kinect, Xtion, RealSense, LeapMotion and others. Without touching the screen directly, it is possible to move screens and contents of remote places by natural movement and hand movement.
For example, the following futuristic services can be realized.

  • It is possible to automatically try clothes on people standing in front of the signage screen. (Virtual fitting system)
  • By using large screens such as concourse and automatically attaching a balloon to the person walking in front, it is possible to provide a new advertisement display.
  • Various contents that follow the movement of people, such as transforming the face of the children into the face of the animals in the park, are available.
  • It is possible to operate a large screen displaying factory production status from a remote place without removing work gloves.
  • The medical practitioner can expect improvement of hygiene management by the operator by operating the patient’s medical record or CT scan data without touching it.
  • By offering a futuristic operation landscape like a movie minority report, it is possible to give a big impact at events and exhibitions.