Utilize advanced IT technology AR for business promotion

It is an AR service that can easily reflect handwritten letters and photos on AR signboard (3D type air tag signboard).

Contents of 3D AR signboard

Based on location information using GPS and WiFi, users can see 3D signs with depth sense in the camera image viewed from their own position.

To update the signboard, shop staff can shoot the items of their own store with the camera and write various messages on the picture by handwriting so that it can be displayed on the signboard. It is possible to display a signboard that posted the shop’s profitable information by easy operation even if it is not machine-friendly.



[Functions for general users]

  • By real time 3D rendering, you can display realistic signs with sense of depth.
  • By tapping on the 3D AR signboard you care about, you can acquire more detailed product information and shop’s advantageous information.
  • In addition, it is possible to play the contents (movies, photos, WEB view) registered on the signboard.

[Owners / functions for store manager]

  • “Easy operation” and “Anytime anywhere, anyone” is realized.
  • The contents of the signboard can be freely edited freely from the dedicated application of the tablet terminal freely. Even those who are not good at keyboard input can easily put messages into handwriting input using fingers.
  • You can take pictures of items of your own store with the camera of the tablet terminal and use it immediately as a material of the signboard. For example, you can shoot the lunch today before noon and PR and lunch service by handwriting the message and amount from the top of the picture.
  • The contents of the 3D AR signboard are saved in the tablet terminal, so you can re-edit it at any time.


  • AR type: Location method
  • Applicable model (For general users): iPhone Android terminal
  • Applicable model (for owner / store manager): Tablet terminal with camera
  • Development period: 1 month –
  • Category: Business (tourist, event, various services of geomedia)

Major usage scenes

  • As a sign of each shop in the shopping area
  • Theme park facility information
  • Landmark of sightseeing spots / Posting of souvenir shop information
  • Route indication to the evacuation site, notification of the local situation
  • Property information on real estate
  • Notification etc. of various event venues