Utilize advanced IT technology AR for real estate sales activities

Customers who are planning to purchase buildings (condominiums, erecting houses, etc.) three-dimensionally display the buildings in a three-dimensional model and can also display invisible parts (the internal structure of the building and the completed image), so I bought it You can convey the image of time in an easy-to-understand way.

Content of real estate AR (apartment AR)

Real estate AR (condominium AR) can display real estate catalogs such as condominiums, leaflets, real estate photographs, plan views, etc. with a tablet with a smartphone or camera so that the 3-dimensional solid model of the building can be displayed on the page.

Also, in the model room, you can check the internal structure of a pillar, wall or floor by holding a smartphone or tablet. In addition, you can also browse the detailed condition of each room with photos and movies by tapping the icon which is raised by air tag. In the planned construction site, you can watch smartphones or tablets over, and you can also view the completed 3D stereoscopic image on a scale of 1/1 (full scale).

Utilizing real estate AR (condominium AR), you can expect sales promotion effects because you can show customers to customers with a more stereoscopic model that is easier to imagine the image on the plane that was hard to understand. In addition, we can also display the internal structure of walls and floor, etc. We have functions to purchase with confidence in customers.

Main function

  • When you hold the apartment catalog, real estate catalog, leaflets with a smartphone etc. 3 dimensional stereoscopic display
  • AR indication in the model room (display of internal structure of pillar, wall, floor, facility display of each room)
  • Three-dimensional stereoscopic display of the completed property on 1/1 (full scale) scale at the planned construction site
  • Property information can be sequentially added to the application without updating the application