Utilize advanced IT technology AR for business promotion

Catalog interlocking AR system. It is an electronic catalog AR system linked with an electronic catalog on which a large number of products are posted.

Contents of catalog AR system

It is an AR system linked with electronic catalog system of tablet terminal with camera. The user searches for items on the electronic catalog, taps products desired to be displayed on the AR from the list of search results, holds the AR marker (such as a logo of the product maker) over the AR content of the selected product ( 3DCG or item description movie) will be displayed.

The AR content is downloaded from the cloud when the user taps the product from the search list, and the AR marker and the content are dynamically linked with the AR marker. (DLAR: Dynamic Link AR) AR system that can display thousands and tens of thousands of AR contents in conjunction with electronic catalogs.

In the electronic catalog AR, it is not necessary to prepare a marker for each content, because it can switch multiple full-sized contents to one marker. Therefore, it is possible to simulate placement of furniture and other product placement very easily and properly.


  • AR type: Vision method / Location method
  • Target models: iPad 2 / New iPad, Android tablet (with camera)
  • Development period: 1 month –
  • Category: Business (promotion support system)

Major usage scenes

  • Placement of furniture in apartment Simulation confirmation (furniture catalog)
  • Placement simulation at the design stage of buildings, condominiums, rental houses etc. (Residential equipment catalog)
  • Serving of lacquerware such as restaurant, using image (lacquer catalog)
  • Full size installation confirmation to home before purchasing large electric appliances (appliance catalog)
  • Before buying a Buddhist altar full size installation confirmation to home (Buddhist altar catalog)
  • Full-scale installation of machine tools into the factory Installation confirmation (machine tool catalog)