AR 拡張現実システム



AR (AugmentedReality)
Development of virtual reality

- Development of a number of potential next generation -

All development can be supported on the AR.
AR System · Location (GPS, WiFi access)
system AR · Vision (based markers, marker-less system)
now, AR systems the world's first cloud-based "CloudAR" has been developed.


Mobile App Development

- Applications that support life and business sectors -

iOS (iPhone, iPad) has been developed for applications such as smart phones and Android.
BtoB from consumer enterprises can support the development of smart applications ranging BtoC.


Development of a mobile system

- Mobile development field with a proven track record -

Enterprise mobile site, the site has been developed for smartphones.
Authority TV, beverage maker, foreign brands, men's cosmetics site, game sites, consumer experience and various other sites.
You can even develop a smart site using HTML5.


The WEB system development,
system development of the Cloud

- An important backbone to support the business -

JAVA, WEB system has been developed using high-performance and PHP.
Management system for enterprise systems and smartphones and mobile systems, server-side systems, and specializes in the development of cloud systems.