Our mission

and cutting-edge technology and utilizing the content,

Provide the best service to society,
the future society is rich in comfort and convenience for everyone
and creating a corporate mission .


Our slogan

'dream into a reality, creating the future "



      Our vision of the future aims


未来のイメージ2 未来のイメージ4 未来のイメージ4


Together, or go on our hands to create this future society?





 Management principles

We, every one of the NEXT group employees,
do not forget the spirit of challenge and change constantly,

And expertise to contribute to the prosperity and high quality • Customer confidence in the
company is continuing to provide services

It measures the contribution to society through Information Technology

That company employees can realize their dreams of a permanent * In-house development and

And management philosophy.



1. Your confidence and prosperity to

2. Contributing to society through information technology

3. Employee happiness and dreams come true

4. The next era, the challenge for the future


■ Corporate Identity

"Next System" (NEXT-SYSTEM)

"change the world, people change, but both times変Warou always" Next "to remember the spirit of challenge, while repeating his transformation, the next time company and create the future continue, "the intention of rice.




the letter "X" represent infinity and "∞" mark of the next corporate systems and together with the golden ratio Infiniti harmony and stability feel.
The meaning of an unknown mean X, the meaning of the infinite combinations ∞ "infinite challenge of the unknown," which represents the mean.
Also a blue background, which expresses the profound universe Mother Earth.


"Sky Blue" (Sky Blue) ■

color code # 87ceeb (r135g206b235)


[] Means
the corporate color is blue sky, crystal clear blue sky represents, integrity, peace, peace and hope has been expressed