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August 01, 2011


Next Systems Inc.
CEO, Fujita, Y.



Notice of business alliance agreement


GP Ltd. and Trans-media mobile site, smart website, iPhone, ~ strengthen cooperation in systems development solutions for Android




 Next Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: President Yoshio Fujita, Minami-ku, Fukuoka) is a trans-Media GP Inc. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Yoshitaka Usami, President), and this time, terminals iPhone / Android Mobile Development mainly, the alliance agreed to expand business with the aim of smart solutions. This project aims to expand the services furnished to build systems to meet the needs of the business smartphone market Mobile smartphone apps like Terminal iPhone / Android expanding rapidly.



■ The purpose of the alliance


Currently, smartphones are released from the carrier one after each
smartphone market has been expanding rapidly in both the number of terminals business demands.
Smartphones are used by companies is also increasing.

Behind them, we agreed to expand opportunities for business alliance aims to build a stable system of solutions and services for large-scale development projects Smartphone iPhone / Android.

Next the system is to expand the development of mobile systems, including the ability to develop the latest mobile iPhone / Android app.
In addition, the trans-media GP, has developed a wide range of mobile advertising and mobile content business and systems planning, construction and operation of the official site docomo / au / softbank.

Now, the two companies' mobile solutions development corporation, "" smart site planning and development joint "·" iPhone, Android apps cooperation Schools "By partnering in the three areas, and effectively utilize the expertise possessed by the two mutually図Re cost savings and operational efficiencies that can improve customer satisfaction and expand business opportunities in this area.

Is expected to expand in markets such as smartphone devices iPhone / Android in the future, the next transformer Media GP systems are able to respond quickly to the mobile business from a variety of devices intended to be used, always provide the best service to allow development to meet the needs of our businesses, we are working to expand the service further.

◎A domain identity good at the incorporated company transformer media GP
Mobile Point Business Content
Career planning official content business
Mobile Advertising Business
Contract Development Corporate Solutions · Mobile / WEB
Pack Sales Billing Kisekaeroido / content · Live Wallpaper
IPhone, Android App Business School
・Position Information Systems Mobile Media

High technology areas for the next Systems Ltd.
AR (AugmetedReality: Augmented Reality) system development
- Development of social media in conjunction with the location of GPS and WiFi
 Development of a variety of interactive systems using image recognition technology
- Develop interactive signage system with AR technology
Development Mobile App

- IPhone latest iPad application development

- Latest Android app development

Mobile Site Mobile Site Development

・IOS (iPhone, iPad), education and training projects for Android


■Trans Media Ltd. GP Summary (August 2011)


Company name Trans Media GP Ltd.
Location MENT Building 8F, 1-20-2 Tenjin Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Imaizumi
Establishment September 24, 2002
Capital 86,200,000 yen
Representative President Usami Yoshitaka
Employee 45
Business And associated business development and management of Internet advertising
and promotions planning and building Web · Mobile Site
Mobile Content Business, Marketing Business Point
iPhone Mobile Web · Advertising Planning, Android App Development

■Next Systems Inc. Summary (August 2011)

社名 株式会社ネクストシステム
所在地 Ambient 2F No. 33 No. 12 Ijiri Ijiri, 3-chome, Minami-ku, Fukuoka
設立 August 28, 2002
資本金 10 million
代表者 CEO. Yoshio Fujita and CEO
従業員 33名
事業内容 モバイルビジネスのコンサル事業







代表取締役 藤田 義生