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November 21, 2011


Next Systems Inc.
CEO, Fujita, Y.


Next system developed AR, to realize development and construction project management services cloud BIM, the project team Jointly 4 "ArchiSymphony Project" launched a



Systems Inc., which specializes in developing next-AR (NYSE: CEO, Fukuoka: Y. Fujita, following "next system") is a paperless Studios Japan Co. (NYSE: CEO, Fukuoka: Takayuki win less "Paperless Studios Japan"), Paipudobittsu Corporation (Nasdaq: CEO, Minato-ku, Tokyo President: Here Noriaki Satani "Paipudobittsu"), MMC, Inc. (NYSE: CEO, president, Fukuoka: The 埜賢 Maki, the "MM") and the date at November 21, 2011, BIM (Building Information Modeling) to promote the adoption of cloud services building project management BIM "(tentative name) ArchiSymphony (architecture Symphony)" the development and implementation of Aim, joint project by 4 "ArchiSymphony Project" have agreed to the establishment.


1. "ArchiSymphony Project" launched Background

BIM and, in addition to building three-dimensional shape data, specifications of materials and equipment finish, cost, etc., is to attribute information database of all elements that make up the building. Enforcement of building design, facilities management (operation and management of premises and equipment) until, by taking advantage of the BIM process for all construction cycle, not only lead to operational efficiency of each building centralized information By visualization is expected to be effective in adding value to the owner.

Next Generation Architecture BIM promoted the production process led by the U.S. government since 2005, continue to spread around the world, in Japan, in 2009 accelerated the introduction of BIM to the construction industry "Year BIM" has been said. Side in order, and show the spread of a trial such as the introduction of BIM, the Ministry in March 2010. Cases requiring the employer to address BIM effective facilities management of the employer after construction is expected to increase in the future.

Construction industry, while 15 trillion yen is a huge domestic market, sales are shrinking, competition has over the years. "BIM is a building revolution" has been called. Building a database of objects and aggregate information to 3D building design ized by BIM, by utilizing the information technology industry has built IT, are expected to be built in the construction industry is a new era.
The construction industry has penetrated ordinary business of drawing styles, the penetration of IT technology to the entire industry, but we still took a long time, the future development of IT technology to rapidly trigger the spread of BIM We believe you.


2. "(Tentative name) ArchiSymphony" Features

"(Tentative name) ArchiSymphony" is to work in the cloud by building materials and design support software catalog BIM, while maintaining the flow of business each company now aims to service can be introduced Japan's first BIM.

Facility Management + BIM + cloud = smart city
"(Tentative name) ArchiSymphony" does not object to manage data in the cloud is said to be building hundreds of thousands and even tens of thousands per project will contribute to the maintenance of the asset value of a property owner's facilities. While also reducing new construction projects in the reconstruction era of increasing demand for high-growth period, will contribute to new business infrastructure and facility management of the construction industry.
"(Tentative name) ArchiSymphony" is an extension of the facility management in the future we aim to provide solutions with a view to the management of renewable materials recycling.
Currently, to make an eco-friendly city "Smart City" project market, we are close to the estimated global total 4,000 trillion yen in 2030.
Building a global standard to support the production process "BIM" and the long-term growth is expected to "Smart City" by entering the market, our business, and we believe significant potential to grow and expand in the future.


3. "ArchiSymphony Project" roles of

"ArchiSymphony Project", the four companies with the technology, expertise, knowledge, etc., will proceed to aggregate.


◎ paperless Studios Japan
: BIM, building project management, providing expertise in facility management.
"ArchiSymphony Project" Promotion and supervision of the whole.
◎ Paipudobittsu
Database, and provides information technology assets on the platform.
◎ MM
: Provision of technical development and 3D content.

◎Next System

: Provision of technical development and AR.


■Overview of Paperless Studio Japan Ltd.

Company name Paperless Studio Co., Ltd. Japan
Location Able No.2 3F Akasaka Akasaka 1-chome, Chuo-5th Fukuoka-E
Establishment September 07, 1998
Capital 12,500 million yen (as of October 31, 2011)
Representative CEO, Takayuki win
Employee 9 (31 October 2011)
Business Produce project management and construction, BIM consultant


■ Summary Paipudobittsu Co.

Company name Paipudobittsu Ltd.
Location Orix Akasaka 2-chome, Building No. 11, No. 9, Akasaka 2-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Establishment April 03, 2000
Capital 186,831 yen (as of August 31, 2011)
Representative President and CEO Noriaki Satani
Employee 169 (31 August 2011, including temporary staff)
Business Platform business information assets


■ Overview of MM Ltd.

Company name MM Ltd.
Location Building 4F, No. 20, No. 24 Glorious Hakata Hakata 4-chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Establishment April 1970
Capital 10,000 million yen (as of October 31, 2011)
Representative K. Maki, President 埜
Employee 13 (31 October 2011)
Business Graphic Design Program Development


■ Overview of Next Systems Inc.

Company name Next Systems Inc.
Location Ambient 2F No. 33 No. 12 Ijiri Ijiri, 3-chome, Minami-ku, Fukuoka
Establishment August 28, 2002
Capital 10,000 million yen (as of October 31, 2011)
Representative Y. Fujita and CEO
Employee 33 (31 October 2011)
Business Smartphone and mobile AR systems (extended real) Development



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Next Systems Inc.

Fujita, Y. & CEO