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April 11, 2011



Next Systems Inc.
CEO, Fujita, Y.



"SAC SOLID STATE SOCIETY 3D Ghost in the Shell and Hakata T-Joy"

Only terminal AR Android (Augmented Reality) applications released



Next System Co., Ltd. (Minami-ku, Fukuoka) and PicoCELA Corporation (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka), Kyushu University student software development teams and "Jolly9" (Nishi-ku, Fukuoka), the JR Hakata City on March 03, 2011 opened in cinemas, Hakata T-Joy, Production IG (Musashino, Tokyo) Ltd. and Luna Latte Amazon (Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) was developed in collaboration with the Android phone apps, using the technique AR "security AR for Android Ghost in the Shell and Hakata Joy "Android Market from April 09, 2011 offering ( Https:// ) started at.


This application is currently being published critically acclaimed T-Joy Hakata "SAC SOLID STATE SOCIETY 3D Ghost in the Shell" was developed as a promotional tool of the theater, which followed the world of work and hold up this app in the theater lobby The image spread. In addition, the Wifi network that lie within the theater, relying on the radar display information, which is the main character of this work, "Motoko Kusanagi" and "Tachikoma" looking and shooting posted on Twitter, entertainment in conjunction with the work is expanded.


Video Clips



■ The main features
of the shooting and the search radar and Motoko Kusanagi in Tachikoma · In the lobby
features pictures taken twitter · Post
to tweets posted is granted ※ The hash tag # PH9.
· Schedule display function works


【This app target device 】
・NTT docomo
Xperia(SO-01B)/Xperia arc/LYNX 3D/GALAXY S
・au by KDDI



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◆T-Joy Hakata
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