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November 27, 2008



Next Systems Inc.
President and CEO Yoshio Fujita

IMJ Mobile Co.
President Takehito Hirota




Notice of business alliance agreement


Notice of business alliance agreement





Next Systems Inc. (the next system below), a group company of Ai_Emu_Jei Co., IMJ Mobile Ltd. (IMJ Mobile below) between, to make alliances in order to expand business opportunities I agreed to, as stated below.




■ reasons for alliance

Mobile phones in the country, broadband, multi-function advances, aided by cheap communication costs and high penetration rates in international comparison, the role of the media from communication equipment, infrastructure has evolved into a lifestyle. Behind them, corporate development investment for mobile services is expanding steadily, making it imperative for us to build a stable service system.


IMJ in the industry's largest mobile operators and mobile integration, the next software system capable of high development, coordination and cooperation built by long-term, mutually and effectively utilize the expertise possessed by the two companies in this area In order to improve customer satisfaction and expand business opportunities, business partnership we agreed to do.




■提携会社の概要                 (September 2008)

Trade name IMJ Mobile Ltd. Next Systems Inc.
Location 2-28-5 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Ijiri, 3-12-33 Minami-ku, Fukuoka
Establishment July 18, 2000 August 28, 2002
Representative Hirota Takehito President Y. Fujita, President
Capital 302,887,500 yen
10,000,000 yen
The number of employees 350, 560 number of employees in the group 30
Business Mobile Solutions
Mobile Content
Mobile Advertising Business
Mobile Business Consulting Business
Development Mobile Systems


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Next Systems Ltd.

Fujita, Y. & CEO