■ The state office


The next state of the system office.

ネクストシステム本社前(看板) Office before the next system

Please enter the vending machine before it left the building.

The entrance door.

Landscape entrance of 1F 2F floor entrance landscape
2F Floor Landscape of the meeting room
of the glass is a stylish feel.
Entrance to the management and development department Equipped with the latest electronic locking system

Landscape of the meeting room

Has been meeting with the projector.


Book Shelf

iPhone, Android, Java-based and WEB Kinect, PHP, UNIX / C, has aligned many books, including C + +.

Moreover, this justification are many design and business administration and marketing.

Meeting one corner

2 Corner Meetings

One passage of the office

Passage 2 office

Smoking corner room 1

Provided a smoking room, we have designated smoking areas completely.

Smoking corner room 2


Corner 1 Refresh

Some people smoke, where you can relax.

Corner 2 Refresh

Vending machines

· Mineral water (you can drink)

• Coffee (all you can drink)

Automatic door lock electronic security safe.
You can see the monitor of your camera phone installation. Incidentally, even indoors SECOM I introduced the latest security equipment.