■ Company Topics
2012.03.26 The capital was increased from 10,000,000 yen to 16,000,000 yen.
2012.2.15-16 Will exhibit the latest in motion control systems in Asia, Fukuoka Contents Market 2012.

Made a smart business solutions and alliances Transmediale GP Corporation.  


Motion Control Systems Business Show in 2011 in Kyushu "ARtist" was exhibited.

- Future - Eco-stylish
eco-AR system in the future when it's drawn from what I

  • State of the art user interface (motion sensor)
  • (Code name: Artist )
  • • Design high photovoltaic sheet
  • High performance liquid crystal film in a space-saving
  • Power-saving LED lighting
2011.04.11 "SAC SOLID STATE SOCIETY 3D Ghost in the Shell and Hakata T-Joy"
AR devices only Android (Augmented Reality) application has been released.

Fukuoka Contents Market in Asia 2011 AR (Augmented Reality) system exhibited the

• 3-D object recognition AR

Signage · Interactive AR

(High performance liquid crystal film AR + "Marubyuto")

- "Holding" AR solutions only iPhone apps

• Paper to the controller.

2008.11.27 Conducted in alliance with the IMJ Mobile Mobile Solutions.
2008.09.29 Moved to new offices.
Ijiri Ijiri ambient 2F 3-12-33 Minami-ku, Fukuoka
2006.5.23 Organization moved to the next company from the next system Co., Ltd. System.
2002.08 Systems Co., Ltd. was established in the next Ijiri, Minami-ku, Fukuoka.


■ Company Profile
Company name 株式会社 ネクストシステム
(英文表記) NEXT-SYSTEM Co.,Ltd.

【Headquarters in Fukuoka 】

No. 12 No. 33 3-chome, Minami-ku, Fukuoka Ijiri Ijiri 2F ambient

Phone  03-6890-0587
Fax   092-915-2510


【Branch Canadian】

 Unit 908, 4390 Grange Street,
 Burnaby, B.C. V5H 1P6 Canada

Date of foundation August 28, 2002
Capital 16,000,000 yen
Closing date March 31

Yoshio Fujita (Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director: CEO)

Staff 36 (as of April 02, 2012) 

Technical staff, most who had been programming since the days of junior high school students and development teams from major manufacturers, we have gathered a few elite engineers.

(Development Engineer)

• Development of Mobile Technology


· Kinect motion control system development, etc. : 5people
· AR (Augmented Reality) engineer :12people
· IOS (iPhone, iPad) engineer :13people
· Android Development Engineer


Mobile phone development engineer


· WEB Application Development Engineer


Development Engineer · UNIX / C :14people
Development Engineer · SIP / RTP : 4people
• Mobile Flash Development Engineer :10people

* State of the office here please also visit.

Company Features  The basic software of the computer for many years in software development company as headquarters and development of computer maker giant bars (data management, communication management, system interactions, such as TCP / IP protocol machine) has been developing the president plays a central role, August 2002 Systems Development Corporation was established to develop a cutting-edge technology to the moon.
Armed with UNIX high technology and quality management skills gained in time R & D Division, Linux, C, C + +, Java, and PHP with the system development has been focusing on developing business.
Recently, Kinect and other motion control system using AR (Augmentedreality: Augmented Reality) has been developing cutting-edge research in such systems.

Tax advisers

who counsel Rocha

General Counsel

· Tax CPA firm shallow

· Matsumoto Labor Management Institute


· Law Firm Meirin


·U.S. company Qualcomm BREW Developer Certification ·
· KDDI mobile solution partner companies
· SSP (SoftBankSolutionProvider) certified company

· New business growth areas relevant certified company
certified company supporting innovative small business law Fukuoka Prefecture
· Fukuoka Venture Market Association member companies
Venture Exchange Network Communications • Information
Content Industry Promotion Council for Fukuoka
Fukuoka Institute of Information Technology Services Industry Association · (FISA )
Embedded Systems Conference the Kyushu region

Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce Member

◆ iBizQ (iPhone & iPad Business Exchange Meeting)
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Fukuoka Prefecture declared corporate parenting support