■ Business Show 2011 Exhibitor Kyushu landscape

June 15, 2011 (Wednesday) to 16 (Thursday) was held at Fukuoka Kokusai Center "2011 Kyushu Business Show" was exhibited.

【Future - Eco-stylish 】
eco-AR system in the future when it's drawn from what I
  • State of the art user interface (motion sensor)
  • Code Name: Artist (Artist)
  • Seat-designed solar power
  • A space-saving high performance liquid crystal film
  • Power-saving LED lighting
Combined, the system will show you the near future!


Kyushu Business Show 2011 video booth


ビジネスショウ九州2011風景1 ビジネスショウ九州2011風景2

The exhibit booth.
We have seen many people were great success throughout the day.

Fukuoka was interviewed for local television.
Was broadcast on the evening news.
ビジネスショウ九州2011風景3 ビジネスショウ九州2011風景4
Motion sensor system screen ARtist. The screen is operated from a remote location with only hand movements. Shows the Fukuoka International Center booth. Booth displays the details of hand picked.
ビジネスショウ九州2011風景5 ビジネスショウ九州2011風景6
Smart meters are displayed visually. Of course, the larger hand, can be reduced. Has one-hand operation.


A landscape operation. Is operated with your right hand.

Operation scenery . Is operated with the left hand.

ARtist inquiries are


  Phone :092-584-0662



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